Zzoopers Public Sale and Prize Pool of $15,000 USDT that you can Enjoy on Windvane!

Demondre Andrews
2 min readJul 18, 2022
Photo from KuCoin

About Zzoopers

Zzoopers is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is ready to cross and explore the many metaverses. Zzoopers Genesis is a collection of 5555 unique animal avatars that has its own unique appearance, personality, and storyline in different metaverses. Together, let’s enter into the world of Zzoopers!

For further details about Zzoopers, click this link to check out their website.

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Zzoopers went on public sale!

I am very sure that this is a piece of exciting news for every KuCoin user. Most especially for those interested in having their own Zzoopers but do not have the opportunity to buy one yet, this is the perfect time for you to join Windvane’s first hot project Zzoopers’ public sale!

If you wish to participate in Zzoopers’ public sale on Windvane, click here

Aside from Zzoopers’ public sale on Windvane, another fun activity you can participate in is the prize pool of $15,000 USDT that was prepared exclusively for KuCoin Users!

KuCoin will hold the activity via Discord or Twitter

If you are interested to join the said activity on Windvane Twitter you have t o:

  1. Post your screenshot of minting Zzoopers on Twitter pinned to the top of Windvane’s official Twitter account with your MetaMask address (Ethereum)
  2. @ 3 of your friends
  3. The first 250 users who complete 1 and 2 will be rewarded — If you prefer to participate in Windvane Twitter, the same instruction will apply.

Please be advised that activity time will run from 11:00 July 12 UTC to -11:00 July 26 UTC

I have just written here the most important parts, but make time to read the whole details here!