This Blockchain-Linked Game Could Be Crypto’s First Game Changer

Companies have emerged providing infrastructure to take blockchain games to the next level. Such as the Enjin platform with multi fungible tokens backed by their coin, they present the idea of each game on their platform being able to incorporate assets from other games, effectively creating a gaming multiverse. I think the growth in blockchain games will be iterative. Being able to transfer items from (say) Final Fantasy 16 to 17, for instance, would be cool. Not only a 10x improvement but still would add an extra layer of fun and opportunity. It is definitely the future.

Photo by Siz Islam on Unsplash

The question is, how long into the future are we talking? I started searching for the best blockchain gaming to try and actually play and give people honest feedback before they commit to something. Now that I’ve found a high quality-game with high production values, and healthy in-game economies returning value to the players? Well, I’m all about those.

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The DEA Project attempts to enhance the conventional from the ground up by generating a stir within the gaming industry. The project is heavily aimed at advertising its novel program that offers profit to users (DEAPcoin) and encourages digital asset resalability in which contradicts the conventional charging model to make players pay to play games. I think unlike most other crypto games, its focus is truly on mainstream players who probably have no interest in cryptos or maybe just don’t wanna/can’t jump into the crypto world for various reasons.

The “PlayMining” (mine while playing) platform of DEA Project is a blockchain-based digital entertainment platform featuring digital arts, games, and other forms of entertainment. With an easy-to-understand reward scheme, it’s likely to be expected that this PlayMining could draw a lot of users as each of them will earn DEAP Coin (DEP) by just playing games or reading comics published exclusively on the site!

Digital Art Auction is a service also offered by the platform enabling users to access, buy and sell digitized artworks (“Digital Art”) created by prominent Japanese and worldwide artists. DAA’s main goal is to protect and preserve the interests of creators and artists. The way DEA carries out this task is by paying the creators of Digital Art a portion of DAA’s trading commission each time the artist’s work is traded between users. For this reason, DAA is expected to receive a multitude of high-quality works from top creators from all over the world.

1) Top manga creators joined this project
Digital arts are created by many famous Japanese comic artists and the story of the game “Job Tribes” is written by Shin Kibayashi, one of the most successful story writers in Japan and believed to be every project he touches turns into gold. JobTribes was the first game released on the PlayMining platform. It is a blockchain “linked” card battle game that challenges your strategic skills which collectors won’t be able to resist. It was the first game adaptation of the “Illustrated Dictionary of Japanese Salaries & Jobs” which sold approx. 400,000 copies in Japan and translated and published in countries around the globe.

Innovative features for Job Tribes:
• Free of charge to play
• Protect the rights of the creator
• New way of rights ownership

2) Digital Arts have multi-game values
Not only can you use your digital arts in games (such as Job Tribes) but you can also sell those or use them on any other games that will be added in the future. Let’s say if your card is becoming very famous in the game, your card’s price would go up.

You now have a better understanding of what the platform really is and how the platform will help enable users to easily earn DEAPcoin by playing games and reading comics. I am very excited about their game launch which will be beta released on May 26th along with the release of a new user-to-user trading feature on the Digital Art Auction. Stay tuned!

DEA is trying to overturn the old preconception “P2W” as it builds out a platform based on the principle of “having fun while making money” through the use of games and other entertainment mediums. With its PlayMining business model as an innovative monetization strategy, I think such expansion is beneficial to maintain the value of DEAPcoin (DEP) like potential listing on strong exchanges with robust liquidity and top-quality client services. Perhaps, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange with a huge market share from Asia will definitely support DEA in their eco-development and delivery of their future plan.

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