Polkadex (PDEX) Sets the Bar to a Higher Level

This website doesn’t intend to give financial advice for cryptocurrency. The ideas and strategies should never be used without first assessing your own personal and financial situation, or without consulting the company with an expertise in crypto. It is worth noting, however, that trading and investing in cryptocurrencies solely rely on how well a customer perceives the digital asset based on its market industry.

KuCoin, the cryptocurrency exchange which has a solid reputation of being friendly, trustworthy and secure, finally hosts Polkadex.

What is Polkadex?

Polkadex is a fully decentralized and hybrid peer-to-peer order-book crypto exchange, backed by Web3 Foundation. The trading platform runs on the Substrate framework and merges the Automated Market Maker (AMM) model — common in most DEXs, with the Order Book model used by centralized exchanges.

It allows traders to get the best of both worlds by providing a no KYC, feeless swaps and liquidity on the AMM pool supported by a perpetual liquidity mining program. Basically, the main focus of Polkadex is to reduce the complexity of the chain.

Many crypto enthusiasts would say that Polkadex is the trading engine for web3 and Defi. Moreover, it is a fully decentralized, peer-peer, orderbook based cryptocurrency exchange for the Defi ecosystem in Substrate.

You might read an analysis or review regarding this network, so let’s go in depth on its features. They have the trading features which includes execution of trade, market data aggregation, technical analysis indicators, storage and retrieval of trade history, and all the remaining exchange features happen off-chain.

Polkadex exchange solves such issues of traditional DEXes, as high transaction fees and frontrunning. Polkadex users will benefit from feeless transactions with verifiability, opportunities for high-frequency trading, trading bots and other unique features. It is one of a kind product for the cryptocurrency industry now.

Behind the spotlight

The team of Polkadex is creating a superior decentralised exchange that will disrupt the current status quo of cryptocurrency trading both for professional and retail traders.

Their mission is to bring DeFi to the masses by creating a technological and efficient but user friendly product. The people behind are composed of professional financial advisors, marketing directors and critical thinkers.

CEO Gautham J said in one of his interviews, that he still believes that the only way to bail the economy, if only partially, is by using cross-border frictionless transactions. DeFi seems to manage this task pretty well. DeFi could be the solution for every minimal to massive destruction caused by rough transactions.

Behind the spotlight are the professional leaders who progressively work for Polkadex. We hope to see more from its team and their plans for DeFi.

The spotlight

PDEX is mainly for the utility of the network and the system within. However, this can also be used as a payment for several transactions under Polkadex.

The ICO price of the token is $2 each.

However, there is an ongoing token sale of PDEX on KuCoin from April 15 — 16, 2021.

Polkadex held its another round of token sale under KuCoin. This could be a great help for both networks, but the users will certainly benefit from this event. However, the token sale will be operated using a brand new mechanism that is only accessible on the website.

Image from KuCoin

Here is a quick token details for ongoing token sale of PDEX under KuCoin:

Image from KuCoin

As a crypto devotee, I just recently signed up my participation for the event. Sure thing, I will share to you the process in detail.

I want to give a heads up that this website and the information contained herein, mainly regarding cryptocurrencies and the state of digital networks does not intend to be a source of advice or credit analysis with respect to the material presented. Ergo, the information and/or documents contained in this website do not constitute investment advice. Spotlight is a high-risk investment channel. Investors should be sensible in their participation and be aware of investment risks.

KuCoin launched the Spotlight Token Sale and opened the subscription for PDEX last April 12, 2021 and will end on April 16, 2021. From the said end date of the event, KuCoin will deduct the corresponding amount of KCS in the qualified users’ trading account and distribute the corresponding amount of PDEX.

However, the amount of PDEX shares the participants will receive is based on their average daily KCS holdings. It will not necessarily mean that users can get a specific amount same with others, so make sure to buy your desirable amount of PDEX.

Unfortunately, the following countries/areas are not supported for the purchase: The United States, U.S. Outlying Islands, American Samoa, United States Virgin Islands, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Japan, Bahamas, Botswana, Ghana, Pakistan, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Cambodia, Iceland, Mongolia, Albania, Mauritius, Nicaragua, Uganda, Barbados, Myanmar, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Cuba, Iraq, Central African Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mainland China, Congo, Eritrea, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Lebanon.

This is a great opportunity for PDEX fans and I hope that they can make it more available in a larger scope for the following events.

I am looking forward to more events like this. Hopefully, I can give you the blow by blow update from KuCoin and Polkadex, but for the moment, I wish that this article was able to help.

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