MEME.COM will seriously dominate the NFT world!

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Hello everyone! I apologize for the hiatus, and I am delighted to be back in the service. I have just packed my bags with the newest token I’m currently hooked on. And for sure, I won’t let the opportunity go out of my reader’s way.

Today, I will give the spotlight on a memetic asset protocol which creates the ability to quantify all information in a trustless way while letting everyone create their own art — the MEME.COM

The network is relatively new in the market but totally deserves a highlight. If you have been supporting me for months, you must know that I only review a few precious tokens, and $MEM is one of those!

MEME.COM makes it possible to create markets and collectibles around any trend. The best part is, anyone can get exposure to the things they are interested in, since the network acts like an open market for various content.

It was last year when I accidentally (but with purpose) discovered Marble.Cards, and I am happily collecting it now. For those who are not yet familiar, Marble.Cards is like the OG-iest NFT projects in the market. It is like a metagame of the internet where users can create, battle and trade unique bookmark cards based on URLs.

With my cards, I can capture my web moments and save them to a file! I usually decorated it with a specific art pattern, because that is how my wife wants it to be.

In my experience, there can only be one card for each URL. The purpose is to make the Marble cards a bookmark with built-in scarcity.

How does it work?

Each bookmark can be used to discover trends in a crypto-like game. It is where the people vote on cards and topics they like. After that, they can capture the value of each trend and sell them in the Meme Markets — a place to create, buy and sell “memetic assets”.

Where did I hoard my $MEM?

Without a doubt, I took advantage of the Spotlight activity on KuCoin. I found out that MEM token can be used to create cards, remarble, pay for arena fees and to buy mTokens in Meme Markets.

There are two types of tokens in MEME.COM, Memecoin is the platform token. It’s a way to pay for things on the platform, such as card creation and upgrades, and for mTokens. While mCoin can be described as a proof of belief in a certain meme. It is what you receive when you buy into a meme with Memecoin.

This is how I participated in the said activity:

  1. I made sure that I have at least 200 KCS holdings.
  2. I checked the dates from June 12, 2021 to June 14, 2021, because KuCoin will be randomly taking 3 daily snapshots of KCS holdings.
  3. I completed the KYC2 (Advanced Verification) before 00:00:00 on June 15, 2021 (UTC). Take note that if you fail to pass KYC2, then you will not be eligible for the token sale subscription.
  4. Purchased the agreement signed
  5. Lastly, I clicked the ‘Participate Now’ button on the Spotlight page.

That was pretty quick! Now, I am hoping for a big pump, especially now that I am honestly looking forward to holding this token. You still have a day to participate, as it ends tomorrow, July 15, 2021.




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