KCS x KuCoin Margin: The Only Collaboration We Want!

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No need to ask for it, because I am giving you another quick shot of an update on the most-talked about topic on the internet now — the KCS Super Week with its major and side events! If you haven’t ridden in, read my previous article here.

What is KCS Super Week?

A celebration without a party is not a success at all. That is why the KCS Community, together with KuCoin Management assembled the KCS Super Week — a five-day celebration with different events and activities. Aside from the major event where users need to answer questions regarding KCS Whitepaper, another six side events are listed on the program. Participants can win up to a share of 21,000 KCS, up to 5,000 KCS for each user!

Aside from the main event, sharing with you a side event that really caught my attention. As a trader, KuCoin Margin has been very helpful to my crypto career. It enabled users to borrow tokens to amplify investment returns from successful trades. No wonder why the number of margin traders on KuCoin has exceeded 2 million already! To give back, KCS and KuCoin Margin have prepared a large amount of bonuses through an activity. The participants can join from 10:00:00 on March 29, 2022 until 10:00:00 on April 3, 2022 (UTC).

It is worth nothing, however, that market risks are still present. Based on a very personal experience, I haven’t encountered any delay nor threat while joining the activity. I registered through this link and fortunately got a 2–20 USFT trial fund to try out KCS trading on Margin. As far as I know, anyone is privileged to do this. Take advantage as users can only only claim once during the activity!

Here are a few tips to remember:
1. Make sure that you are strongly connected to Internet
2. Be patient! Trial funds will be distributed the next working day after your registration
3. Dive to KuCoin Margin before doing the activity.

That’s all for me, and it is for you to enjoy the rest of the details!




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