KCS Super Week: A Week of Celebration

Celebrating an entire week of raining surprises — that is how the KCS Management Foundation, KCC community, and the whole KuCoin opted for a toast to the successful launch of their KCS Whitepaper on March 29, 2022.

A glimpse of KCS Whitepaper

KuCoin, a global cryptocurrency exchange that has professed itself to be for the people, together with its affiliates, co-released the official explainer of KCS. To give emphasis, the said whitepaper profoundly discusses the motivations, history and future project plans of the KCS ecosystem with the key collaborations around KCS and the KCS Management Foundation.

The news has been part of the discourse after it got published on different social-interaction sites. The KCS outline immediately gained rave comments from the netizens. To a great degree, KCS aims to build a blockchain-based value self-circulation ecosystem, while pushing forward more inclusive and empowered services for the whole KCS, KuCoin and KCC community members. They shall also be incentivized by the extensive application scenarios built into the system.

In a recent Ask Me Anything event with KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu, he broached and highlighted that KCS will stand as a bridge between the centralized and decentralized world, and hopefully connect the KuCoin to its KCC community while leading the way for the creation of a self-circulation ecosystem.

Let the celebration begin!

The great news was seconded by another incredible announcement from KuCoin. As part of the continuous celebration, KuCoin has prepared a week-long event filled with amazing games and prizes only for the KCS loyalists. Interested players must read the KCS Whitepaper and answer the questions to earn a lottery ticket. The ticket gives a player the access to win a share of 21,000 KCS, up to 5,000 KCS per user!

There is one (1) major event happening from March 29 until April 3, 2022.

The players can join arduously, and get a lottery ticket with no sweat:

1. Join the quiz and stake 1 KCS

The first thing to do is to visit the event page, hurriedly participate in the KCS prize quiz and win a chance to stake 1 KCS by answering questions correctly. Players can do this all-over again and win more lottery tickets!

2. Team up with friends to earn more lottery tickets

If not satisfied yet with lottery ticket holdings, players can team-up and have a better chance to win more tickets! It is recommended to join the KCS official community to find more KCS Super Week buddies!

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to team-up with other players:

1). User A sends their UID to user B, inviting them to form a team.

2). User B binds the referral code (i.e., user A’s UID) through the event page.

3). The team is created, providing both user A and user B with a lottery ticket.

Author’s Note:

Together with my crypto buds, I have already participated in the major event of KCS Super Week. My one and only tip is to scan and to really dive in with KCS Whitepaper, you can have it discussed with your friends on discord. Everything that was asked can be found on the paper!

There are also six (6) other side events happening alongside. Let me know in the comment section if you want me to feature and give them my review.

Enjoy and thank you for celebrating with KuCoin!



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