It’s Time to Celebrate: Aurory is Already Open for an Early Access!

Demondre Andrews
2 min readAug 25, 2022


Image from KuCoin

Yes, you heard it right. Aurory on KuCoin launches early access!

Since the launch of Aurory last year, it has grown rapidly and received a lot of praise. With the rapid growth of Blockchain games, I still find it amazing how we can make money just by playing games like Aurory. No wonder it abruptly climbed up to one of the most mentioned projects of 2021 around the edge of various social interaction sites. The results even exceeded our expectations.

And just a little earlier today, KuCoin, the world’s leading digital currency trading platform, made an exciting announcement for Aurory’s dedicated users. With the unwavering support of users to the said blockchain game, it launches an early access today at 10:00:00 (UTC).

According to the Aurory project whitepaper, the said blockchain game is a Play-and-Earn game where players are invited to explore a rich and diverse universe. They will travel across the worlds of Antik and Tokané as they complete quests, discover lost relics, defeat enemies, and compete against other players using creatures called “Nefties”.

Let the Celebration Begin!

Together with KuCoin, Aurory will celebrate its officially early access release by giving away 3,000 Red Envelopes that contain $0.5 — $10 each envelope to 3,000 event participants.

In addition, the people’s exchange prepared three more activities that the users can participate in and enjoy. These exciting campaign activities will run from today until September 01, 2022, at 10:00:00 (UTC). There’s no time to lose! KuCoin and Aurory project offers a total of $88,000 worth of bonuses. So of course, I will do my best to participate in all of the activities. Also, if you are interested to earn money by playing Aurory, you can visit this link.

I’m fairly certain that everyone (including me) can’t contain their excitement about the partnership of KuCoin and the Aurory project to prepare and launch this campaign. The Aurory early access release is surely a good opportunity for users, especially for those who are really loyal to trading on Aurory! I am looking forward to seeing more exciting partnerships of KuCoin with other promising blockchain games. But for now, I am writing this to share the good news with my fellow traders and beloved readers.