How’s and Why’s: My Personal Review on KuCoin S

Cryptocurrency has risen dramatically in recent years. Alongside, there is a big fight for the future of digital currencies that every trader should be facing hand-in-hand. Sooner or later, crypto will be seen in any field. However, this will not be possible if traders are not bound to a single goal of maximizing cryptocurrency and helping the world progressively.

KuCoin, the People’s Exchange, launched a platform where traders can thrive in crypto discussions and connect to everyone’s daily dilemma in trading. Traders are passionate in any specific detail in cryptocurrency — from predicting future prices of various tokens to the politics within the industry. All of this discourse happens in social media, and KuCoin has lent a big hand in helping the users connect to other crypto enthusiasts.

On October 22, 2021, KuCoin S was announced in public and has automatically gained a lot of opinions from the community. According to the team, the platform was intended to be a special space for invited KuCoin users to experience the brand new social features of the exchange. Through the invitation codes posted on KuCoin’s official twitter account, users can enjoy the social arm and interact with other users. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get the KuCoin S.

KuCoin S offers diversified and trusted crypto info feed which contains token price moves, new listing, crypto news, trending coin, sector, portfolio, or topics, etc. Truth to be told, the idea of having a platform where fans can talk about their desired subject is not new at all. In fact, they can start a discussion on Reddit, Twitter or Discord.

In this case, the KuCoin team believes that a dedicated social platform for crypto can connect users and make them have a common denominator that goes beyond just trading.

Newcomers can raise their concern about a specific trading strategy, ask for some advice and even recommend assets for other users to try. The topics can be very broad but will all lie down to cryptocurrency. Healthy discussions and factual reviews can be an edge to achieve mass production, hence accelerate the pace of popularization of the industry.

Users can also copy a successful trading strategy from known traders, and have it customized through the KuCoin S.

They can view the trader’s profile and get familiarized with the trading history. Users can literally start copying this traders’ portfolio, including the tokens invested and the proportion each accounts for.

Specifically, users can select and copy how much percentage the trader has allocated on each project.

Aside from its social purpose, KuCoin S can also be a venture of opportunities for free cryptocurrencies. There are a lot of mini events and giveaways happening on the platform. These giveaways have simple mechanics, and are open for everyone to participate. To name a few, there was a post who offered free NFTs for people that will leave wonderful ideas in the comment section. It is commendable to see a lot of traders being engaged in the said giveaway.

Furthermore, users will also be able to make trades from KuCoin S just by a few clicks. After comprehensively knowing the asset’s use cases and function, users can directly click ‘buy’ on a specific token and have their hands laid on. Considering the discussions that will be had regarding different tokens, this feature is very helpful to better familiarize themselves with the subject and provide efficiency in buying tokens.

Author’s note:

KuCoin is progressively making a difference in cryptocurrency. With its purpose to serve the people, the team also ensured that the platform will be an avenue of truth and transparent service. KuCoin S is an applaudable project, gaining my personal respect. However, this is just the beginning and it might still be too early to commend the team.

I am still looking forward to seeing more activities in KuCoin S, and hopefully, more users to engage in the platform. This article is purely based on my own research and experiences. While for the detailed descriptions, all credits belong to the KuCoin team. Thank you!




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