$BURP: A bridge token for CeFi and Defi revolution

Source: https://twitter.com/coinburp/photo

While there have been so many solutions to the current dilemmas of Centralized and Decentralized Finance, a token has risen to build bridges and compasses.

I am fully aware how CeFi was molded to make trades fairer and boost transaction processes through a central exchange. On the other hand, DeFi uses a trusted protocol or any financial applications that operate through a decentralized blockchain.

But there’s this token that caught my attention, and it has been the main subject on different social media sites such as Telegram and Twitter. So, here’s what I gathered about CoinBurp, and how it can possibly be the bridge token between CeFi and DeFi.

What is CoinBurp?

CoinBurp is indeed a promising project, as it has been hailed as the first cryptocurrency trading platform in the United Kingdom (UK) that provides ‘No fee GBP deposits’ and free trading. It was developed in 2018 to offer a user-friendly trading platform for everyone, regardless of age or technical expertise.

They proposed a network that will offer easier access to crypto trading, buying, selling and investing in different types of tokens.

In CoinBurp, users can trade a total of six tokens (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Ethereum and Stella) with a minimum deposit of £5 or €5 and zero trading fees. It is an edge against its rising competitors, especially that they offer competitive prices for leading tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Here are some of the advantages of CoinBurp:

  • Active customer service. You can literally reach them thru email, Telegram, Facebook messenger, and live chat!
  • CoinBurp is the future. It provides an online wallet that is insured by BitGo, where you can safely keep your precious tokens.
  • Fast and easy transaction. GBP deposits get instantly credited within 10 minutes, no sweat at all.
  • Totally accessible by all. CoinBurp mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

While for the cons:

  • Limited cryptocurrencies. CoinBurp supports only the six leading tokens.
  • Compressed information on the website. Their whitepaper is not as informative as it should be.
  • Short options for payment. They don’t accept card deposits as a mode of payment.

What is $BURP?

$BURP is a unique token that is intended to connect the CeFi and DeFi revolution, not only for the sake of today, but also for the future of cryptocurrency. It is basically the key element that will bridge NFTs and the CoinBurp community.

According to their website, users can stake $BURP in their respective non-custodial walleter while being part of the voting system in the governance of CoinBurp. It is also a big kudos to CoinBurp for giving its community a chance to earn different NFT prizes from CoinBurps’ promising sponsors and partners.

Now, I am so excited to keep some in my wallet!

Where is $BURP available?

Source: https://www.kucoin.com/land/spotlight_r5/123?lang=en_US

KuCoin gives the Spotlight to CoinBurp from July 23 — July 26, 2021. As the 12th token being catered by this activity, everyone is excited to see the latest ROI of the network. Together with Meme.com and HotCross, CoinBurn is now ready to dominate the platform!

In all Spotlight activities, I always make sure to have the specific amount of $KCS in my wallet. In this case, participants must have $KCS holdings of at least 200 KCS, and the hard cap for each 200 KCS equates to 150 USDT (1,363.63 BURP). Users like me should not worry, as the total Spotlight hard cap of this activity is 250,000 USDT with a total allocation of 2,272,727 BURP.

Each $BURP costs 0.11 USDT at the time of writing. It is indeed a good opportunity to snatch!

However, the Spotlight activity is limited to specific areas, and it makes me sad to know that KuCoin still cannot meet the needs of my country. I mentioned before and I say this one more time, I hope KuCoin can offer their Spotlight activity to a broader network.

I am just lucky to migrate to another country, but I also want my colleagues to experience participating in this kind of activity.

Nonetheless, I wish the best of luck for each and everyone who participated in the activity and let’s hope for more Spotlight in the future.

Thank you for reading!