A Low-Risk Investment: What You Should Know About KuCoin Shark Fin

Demondre Andrews
3 min readSep 25, 2023

If you’ve been keeping track of what’s happening with KuCoin lately, you might already know that there’s an ongoing competition where you can subscribe to structured products for a chance to share 500,000 USDT Rate-Up Coupons! This competition will continue until September 22nd at 09:00 (UTC).

In this competition, you’ll find three different structured products: Shark Fin, Dual Investment, and Protective Earn. Among the structured products available on KuCoin, Shark Fin is one of the newest products that was introduced on the platform. So in this blog, I’m going to talk about all the things you need to know about KuCoin Shark Fin.

I must admit, I wasn’t aware of Shark Fin until KuCoin introduced it, so I also had to do some research. Honestly, after learning more about this investment tool, I have to say, that it’s a highly innovative financial product. It’s designed with investors like me in mind, those who are looking for a low-risk investment that offers the best of both worlds: guaranteed principal protection and enticing yields.

What Sets Kucoin Shark Fin Apart from Other Structured Products?

The great thing about the KuCoin Shark Fin is that it’s tailored to suit the needs of folks like me who prioritize safety and predictability in their investment choices. It provides a level of security that’s often hard to find in today’s volatile financial markets.

The core feature that sets the KuCoin Shark Fin apart is its commitment to safeguarding your initial investment, often referred to as the principal. This means that no matter what happens in the market, your initial investment remains secure.

But here’s where it gets even more interesting. KuCoin Shark Fin products use “call options” to generate returns for investors while ensuring that their principal is protected. If the settlement price falls within the price range you selected, your APR will increase, providing you with higher returns. If the settlement price ends up outside this range, you’ll still earn some returns but at a basic APR rate. This approach aims to provide a balance between the potential for higher yields and the security of your initial investment.

To put it simply, not only does it protect your principal, but it also offers the potential for attractive returns.

How Do I Subscribe to a Shark Fin Product?

If reading this blog has made you want to earn with KuCoin Shark Fin, there are three steps you must follow:

First, visit the product page and select the desired duration and direction, tailoring your investment to your market outlook. Next step, take a moment to review the product details and, when ready, subscribe to start growing your investment.

Lastly, at the end of your chosen duration, redeem your principal and collect your hard-earned returns, all while knowing your investment was secure throughout the process.

What are your thoughts about KuCoin Shark Fin? Also, what else about KuCoin-structured products would you like me to write about next? Let me know in the comment section below.